Introducing a new Bentley Special Edition | Bentley Motors
Bentley has collaborated with the creators of BOYD, a multi-award winning lifestyle app, to offer you an interactive and exciting Bentley model showcase, with in-depth explorations of Bentayga and the new Continental GT.Download for iOS. Download for Android.

The perfect fusion of power, style and refinement, the new Bentley GT Convertible takes open grand touring to thrilling new heights. Read more here: 360 degrees of exhilaration, 365 days a year – where new standards are set, interior and exteriors blend effortlessly, experiences are heightened, and moments elevated. Designed and exquisitely engineered to be the finest convertible on the road, the new GT Convertible is a stunning showcase of British automotive craftsmanship, that can be handcrafted to your unique requests. Learn more about Bentley’s new breathtaking arrival:

The New Continental GT Convertible | Epitomising the Spirit of Grand Touring | Bentley Motors
You can commission your own unique hue to make a bold personal statement with Mulliner Personal Commission Paint. Find out more: can colour match virtually any sample you provide, capturing its essence and reproducing it to perfection. Inspiration can take many forms; it could be jewellery, art, an item of clothing - whatever your vision, Mulliner can help make it a reality.

Mulliner Personal Commission Paint | Bentley Motors
Located on the summit of the UAE’s tallest mountain, Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah, 1934 meters above sea level, Bentley has created the highest fine-dining restaurant in Arabia – The Peak of Luxury. Renowned British chef, Colin Clague, curated a bespoke five-course British menu taking inspiration from Bentley’s illustrious history in grand touring.

Bentley Peak of Luxury: The Highest Fine-Dining Restaurant in Arabia | Bentayga
As Bentley enters its 100th year, the Mulliner division is marking the occasion in a way of which W.O. Bentley would most surely have approved: by creating an extremely rare and exquisitely crafted car. The Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner pays tribute to Bentley’s founder, and even contains part of his very own car. With a production run limited to just 100 cars, it provides our customers with the opportunity to own a priceless piece of Bentley’s story.

The Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner | Mulsanne
This is the story of Bentley Motors. Since 1919, the company has created the world’s finest grand tourers for its extraordinary customers. From the moment that a simple aluminium paperweight inspired W.O. Bentley to build a lighter engine, Bentley’s cars have combined engineering innovation with unrivalled craftsmanship, to stunning effect. Throughout the 1920s, Bentley triumphed in some of Europe’s most testing races. A legion of daring customers – the Bentley Boys and the Bentley Girls – pushed the company to create ever faster cars, dominating the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans.Today, the Bentley brand stands for a commitment to uncompromising luxury and performance that no other company can match – and powerful, exquisitely crafted cars inspired by a glorious first hundred years.Learn more about the Bentley story at

Together we are Extraordinary: The Story of Bentley Motors
Watch the view from Rhys Millen’s helmet camera as he breaks the production SUV record at Pikes Peak in a standard Bentley Bentayga W12. Completing the unforgiving 12.42-mile, 156-corner course in just 10:49.9, Millen and the Bentayga W12 took nearly two minutes off the previous SUV record.The Bentayga Pikes Peak project was undertaken with Bentley’s technical partners Mobil1 and Pirelli, and with exhaust partner Akrapovic.Read more:

Pikes Peak Bentayga - Rhys Millen’s Drivers-Eye View | Bentayga
On 24th June, a standard Bentley Bentayga set a new record for a production SUV at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Completing the unforgiving 12.42-mile, 156-corner course in just 10:49.9, the Bentayga W12 took nearly two minutes off the previous SUV record. Driver Rhys Millen averaged 66.5 mph while climbing 5000 ft up the notoriously challenging mountain.The Bentayga Pikes Peak project was undertaken with Bentley’s technical partners Mobil1 and Pirelli, and with exhaust partner Akrapovic.Read more here:

Bentley Bentayga takes on Pikes Peak | Bentayga
Discover the inspiration behind the iconic design of the Bang & Olufsen Sound System exclusively crafted for the new Bentley Continental GT. For more info: Bang & Olufsen chief designer for Bentley, Mikkel Venge, explains what it takes to create an extraordinary sound system for the most powerful grand tourer – that turns every trip into a memorable journey. The Bang & Olufsen audio system is crafted to seamlessly integrate into the elegant Bentley Continental GT interior and tuned to the car’s specific acoustic surroundings, to create unique and immersive moments. It is an uncompromising choice for design lovers that appreciate unparalleled sound, offering audio power and precision. The system features a 1,500-watt BeoCore DSP Class-D Amplifier, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 16 active speakers for strong, authentic sound, and specially manufactured aluminium elements.The Bentley Continental GT is also the first car in the world to feature the Bang & Olufsen BeoSonic, an intuitive “One Touch User Experience” developed by Bang & Olufsen that lets the driver adjust the music to fit their mood.

Bentley and Bang & Olufsen - a memorable journey | Be Extraordinary | Bentley Motors
Bentayga V8 is the latest addition to the Bentayga range. The perfect balance of Bentley craftsmanship and performance, it’s built for adventure in the city and the open road. Bentayga V8 is both agile and responsive – with a full-throated sports exhaust for that inimitable V8 roar. Watch the film – and turn up the volume to escape the city… Read more about Bentayga V8 here:
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